Dividend Tree

Dividend Tree

I am an engineering professional working in wireless industry. After earning my PhD, my professional career has taken me to web-based manufacturing systems, risk/statistical analysis for development and sustainability, product development, and design for excellence. I believe in holistic thinking (whole portfolio instead of individual stock) and putting numbers in context of the objective (instead of generalization).

I maintain this blog, where I share my journey to build and sustain a dividend-growth focused investment portfolio. I discuss any and all aspects that influence dividend portfolio construction and its sustainability. The unique aspect about my blog is that all of the discussion is in the context of do-it-yourself individual investors. I expect that this blog will inspire, motivate, and encourage readers to manage their investment portfolios as simple projects (instead of a complex process)

Read my views about financial planner/advisors/fund managers, mutual funds, brokerage firms, etc.,

Dividend Tree Disclaimer

I am not a licensed financial advisor, not an investment consultant, and not any financial planner. In addition, I have never worked for or associated with any kind of money management firm/group.

I am a do-it-yourself individual investor. Any subject, or any stock, or any corporation, and everything else that I discuss on Dividend Tree are my thought process and my viewpoints.  Dividend Tree is my platform to interface with like minded individuals from various walks of life who would like to discuss and learn anything about personal investments. Dividend Tree is a chronicle of my investment methodology, my learning’s, and my mistakes with reference to my own investments.

Anything mentioned on Dividend Tree is not meant to be (and should not be interpreted as) an advice for any kind of investment decision. Readers of this blog who interpret Dividend Tree articles as an advice will be doing at their own risk and are themselves responsible for any kind consequences arising out of it.

I appreciate your time spent reading articles/posts at Dividend Tree and thank you for your comments.

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