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Readers of Dividend Tree may have noticed the messed up layout for last few days. Based on my own experience, I know that this kind of funky layout does not provide a good reading experience. My apologies if the funky layout has been a distraction in your reading and/or navigating experience.

This issue stems from my choice of template theme for this blog. I am using WP-lightbreaker layout theme since I moved to word press platform and my own domain name. The reason for this choice was more white space. This theme is very dynamic and has lots of inter-linkages. Any small change I make may seem to have no impact on one layout, but it may result in multiple issues on other linked layouts. I am now evaluating few other themes which are (1) relatively simpler than my current theme; and (2) provide a similar white space as this one. Simple in a sense that there should be less number *php files. My assumption is less number of php files means less complicated layout.

I am currently evaluating following themes on another dummy site:

  • WP-Ligthbreaker   : 27 *.php, one *.css (existing theme, baseline)
  • PassionDuo_Green : 15 *.php, one *.css
  • Mimbo2.2 : 14 *.php, one *.css
  • Indomagz_blog3 : 13 *.php, two *.css
  • WP-Premium red : 14 *.php, one *.css (final fall back option)

This comparison shows that may be I am using one the most complicated layout with almost twice the number of php files.

I hope to get this done in next couple of days.

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