Dividend Tree is One Month Old

Today it is exactly one month since I started actively posting on Dividend Tree. It is a very short time frame, but it feels like I have been doing this for a long time. It has been quite an experience from:

  • early pessimism turning into encouraging optimism;
  • time wrenching schedule impacts to a regular feature in my daily routine;
  • extreme frustration of staring at HTML code to “oh! that was easy”;
  • can’t think what to write to a long list of 40+ topics;
  • random surfing and reading to now always reading with dividends as my frame of reference; and
  • many more……

I started slowly with about two posts in a week. By third week, I got hooked and started posting almost very day. I did not have much content on my blog spot and hence, there was practically no traffic and subscriber list was empty. To be honest, I did not have any expectations. I was of the viewpoint that why anybody would read my ramblings on dividend investing and my portfolio.

From third week onwards, I started participating in blog carnivals. And then there was deluge of visits. The cumulative traffic on Dividend Tree went from single digit (in first three weeks) to 500+ page views (in just fourth week). The subscriber list went from zero (in first three weeks) to 40+ (in fourth week). Wow what a jump! Unfortunately, my blog spot was not set up properly and hence, my comments section was almost empty. You see, I was still learning the nuances of setting up the blog spot. Thanks to Jae Jun at Old School Value who pointed out this error.

I now believe I have a platform and momentum to interact with like-minded fellow bloggers. I hope to continue frequent postings and continue to share my experiences in my quest for building a sizeable passive cash flow.

I express my sincere thanks to all the readers/subscribers of this blog spot. I hope you will continue this journey with me.

So hop on and ride along with me!

3 Responses to “Dividend Tree is One Month Old”

  1. Dividend Tree says:

    Vivacious: Good to know my posts are informative. Thanks for stopping by and hope to hear from you more often.

    JJ: I am also surprised with those numbers.

    Best Regards,

  2. Jae Jun says:

    wow those are really good numbers. You probably get more visitors than me lol

    What carnivals do you participate in?

  3. Vivacious says:

    Congratulations DT on completing one month. Came across your blog on one of the carnivals. I am a novice in the world of investing, hoping to learn more as I go along. Will be checking out this site for more of your informative posts. Cheers!

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