Stocks in My Dividend Portfolio

In order to make my holdings public, I contemplated a lot about how much detail and what information I would be comfortable with in sharing with readers of this blog spot. In the end, I narrowed it down to the parameters that would be relevant to the themes, objectives, issues that I discuss on this blog spot. This will be a good location where one can find how my investments will evolve over a period of time.

This page lists the individual company stocks, exchange traded funds, and closed-end funds that I hold in dividend-focused portfolio. Along with the list, it also includes the corresponding percentage annualized dividends, original and today’s percentage capital value.

A Customary Disclaimer: These are dividend-based portfolio holdings for me, compatible to risk I am willing to take, the resources I have, and the amount of time I am willing to spend on managing it. This is for informative-purpose only.

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  1. tom dicks says:

    my dividend geezer potfolio is very similar

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