Stock Predictions and My Watch List

I have been having an interesting time reading financial news, articles from financial journalists, and business channels. Everywhere we can read and listen about individual top picks. Each prediction has different theme such as infrastructure, clean tech, emerging markets, blue chips, big oil, commodities, and many more. The new flavor at Cramerica nation is dividends with particular attention to accidental high yielders. Among these predictions, I enjoy reading the rationale behind those selections.

The common string between these predictions is they have short term perspective and mostly speculations. If one collects all the predictions together at one location, then we can find that virtually every asset allocation and industry sector has been covered. Financials is one sector which is the favorite whipping object in town. As a matter of fact, the dividend companies are acting as bullies in these markets.

Once in a while, I do get sucked into the logic used in these stock picks and predictions. In such cases, I just put the stock in my watch list to be removed sometime later. I do not attempt to make any predictions. My interest in these predictions is to see what the business media is thinking about stocks that are on my watch last.

In table below, I have listed stocks on my watch list. In order for me to buy any stock from my watch list, two things need to happen (1) I should have sufficient funds; and (2) Price below buy criteria. In future posts, I plan to discuss more on when I buy a stock.

What is your take on stock picks and predictions?

3 Responses to “Stock Predictions and My Watch List”

  1. tom dicks says:

    my october buys were kmb and awp iconyinue to read and study investing books and this blog, my favorite book is the future for investors by my favorite auther jermey siegel. my dividend goal is $3000.00 which is the amount we get from ss

  2. tom dicks says:

    my recent buys are aod,pg,t,dbn. on my watchlist are jnj,awk and vwo. at present funds are limited

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