Monthly Progress Update – October 2009

Summary for October 2009 is that I did buy two stocks to increase my annualized dividends. In addition, I also continued to add to my existing positions because I have automatic dividend re-investments for almost all of the stocks. Attached below is the summary table to reflect the status as of October 31, 2009.

Progress Update October 2009

Progress Update October 2009

Portfolio Status Update

  • The total annualized portfolio dividend cash flow was $1912 (up from $1786 in September 2009). This change was due to new purchases.
  • The portfolio’s total yield on cost went up to 4.31% (down from 4.82% in September 2009). As a note, this YOC does not take into account additional shares or dividends added up due to reinvested dividends. I plan own adding those up at by end of the year.

New Purchases

  • Purchased ABT with annualized dividends of $64.00. The purchase yield was 3.27%.
  • Purchased AFL with annualized dividends of $62.00. The purchase yield was 2.77%.

Additions to Existing Positions – None.

Selling – None.

General Comments

  • My over exposure to AOD for total portfolio dividends is automatically getting reduced since I am not adding to my existing position. My exposure has reduced to 13.3% of total dividend income (from more than 20% in January 2009) and 3.5% of total portfolio value.
  • I expect one or two more purchases before the end of this year. Hence, I am going to miss my year goal of reaching $3000 cash flow from dividends.

Until next month, happy investing.

3 Responses to “Monthly Progress Update – October 2009”

  1. tom dicks says:

    yesterday, i decided to change my monthly dca to $20.00 into syy and $40.00 into kmb and let the rest my dividend geezer fund present value $14,500.00 avg yeild 6.87%

  2. tom dicks says:

    syy increased dividend 4% i will bgin adding $10.00 PER MONTH TO MY STARTER POSITINE BEGINING NOW

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