Monthly Progress Update – August 2009

Summary for August 2009 is that I did not have any activity in my dividend portfolio (except few automatic dividend reinvestment). Attached below is the summary table to reflect the status as of August 31, 2009.

Monthly Progress Update - August 2009

Monthly Progress Update - August 2009

Portfolio Status Update

  • The total portfolio dividend cash flow was $1612 (no change from July 2009).
  • The portfolio’s total yield on cost went down to 4.82%% (no change from July 2009)

New Purchases – None

Additions to Existing Positions – None

Selling – None

General Comments

  • I am continuing to be over exposed to AOD for total portfolio dividends. Although it is automatically getting reduced because I am not adding to my existing position. My exposure has reduced to 15.8% from January 2009 high of more than 20%.
  • I am now tending to believe that I will not be able to meet my year end goal of $3000 in total dividends. Instead of revising, I am continuing to pursue it because, I am holding on to the cash waiting to be deployed.

Later this week, I will publish the quarterly risk analysis. The next monthly progress update will be on October 1, 2009.

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