Apple – Great Products But Is It a Great Investment?

150px-apple-logoDividend investors keeping looking for free cash flow to figure out whether a company can pay dividends. Apple Inc, a technology or consumer company has loads of cash on its books. However, it does not pay dividends. What is more interesting is with USD 25+ billion cash and billions in cash flow every year; it does not show any inclination for sharing it with common shareholders. Not even a token amount. So why is that Apple is does not pay dividends? At this point, I am not even asking about growing dividends.

Apple has been in existence since the technology revolution began in late 70s and early 80s. Apple products had been termed as elitist with its high cost computer hardware and operating system. It remained closed to outside world and Apple did not team up with other companies. Since 2000 this aspect has changed. Apple now allows independent developers to use its platform for further application development. Opening up has allowed Apple to grow. continue reading rest of the article….

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