IBM’s Successful Transformation – Going the Softway

IBM logoContinuous evolution and adapting to one’s environment is key to survival. This was first stated by Darwin in the context of life form on Earth. However, the essence of its meaning can very well be applied to businesses and corporations. Great many American corporations that failed to adapt with changing business environment have perished. IBM is one company that seems to understand Darwinism. I believe IBM is a one of success stories of business transformation.

IBM was the company that invented and helped develop many of the electronics and semiconductor industry’s significant technologies. It had been one of the early adopter of the concept of using electronics in actual products for ease of computing. Examples are personal computers, DRAM memories, hard disk drives, and numerous other component hardware technologies. It flourished with those electronic products. However, today’s IBM gets less than 20% of its revenue (which is continuously decreasing) from hardware products. continue reading rest of the article….

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