Dividend Growth Investing Is About Total Returns

growthIt is close of five year now that I have been a long term buy and hold, and dividend growth focused investor. When I meet friends, acquaintances, or colleagues, on many occasions the discussion starts from what’s market doing today and steers towards trading/investing is nothing but a poker game. I get a sense that many of these folks think that buying (and selling) stocks is just a gamble of some kind. Irrespective of this, I believe both, trading and investing, have their own set of pros and cons depending upon what context an individual is looking at it. In the end, both trading and investing is done to make money. Some use approach of capital appreciation, some use dividend income, some do trades to generate income. The key is to have a plan and execute it with consistent results.

When it comes to dividend investing, many individuals think of high yields (perhaps Cramerica syndrome!). It shows lack of patience and tendency to read too much into the business media. They do not understand dividend growth and sustainability.

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Investing for Capital Appreciation or Dividend Income?

investingI am very sure that every dividend investors would have received this question. While dividend investors can ignore responding to folks with trading philosophy, sometimes it does become difficult to argue with value investors. Value investors who in general are looking to invest below book value sometime have an argument that focusing on dividend is not that critical. Business should be applauded for reinvesting profits back into business to grow. In essence, either create additional value or continuously increase value for their shareholder. That is a good argument. However, the key here is “creating value for the shareholders”.

Each individual will look at this differently. For me, “creating value for shareholder” is how much I am getting back in return. In simplistic terms, what is in there for me? From purely business standpoint, typically, value creation means increasing value of its business (and hence increasing stock value). Managements use combination of funding sources (debt, equity, leverage, etc.) to continuously increase the value of its business.

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