Portfolio Management Process – Goldratt’s Way

Have you ever noticed that many times and perhaps on many occasions, we do things, or we respond certain situations, or the way we manage certain things, it may be reflecting how we really think. Even if we are not able to express it precisely we naturally tend to do things in a specific way. Conversely, it could also be due to our educational or experiential background.

The foundation of my educational background is in industrial/manufacturing engineering. Any industrial engineer in United States will know about a little book titled “The Goal”. It is written by Eliyahu Goldratt. It is written in a novel based story format. During the course of this story, Goldratt introduces the concept of “Theory of Constraints”. He intertwines the concepts with daily life events. When Goldratt introduced this book (and hence theory of constraints) in early 90s, management consultants recognized its significance and applied at hundreds of manufacturing organization across of board. continue reading rest of the article….

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