Good Performers in My Dividend Portfolio

It has been close to three years since I started dividend focused investing. If I look at this from a 30year+ investing cycle for individuals, then these three years may look like nothing. However, the continued anxiety and slide in ones portfolio value will turn our hair gray. I am learning that there will be winners and losers in our investment portfolios. All we have to do is minimize the losers.

Sysco Corporation (SYY): SYY was one of the most non-glamorous stocks when I had initiated my position. My current dividend yield on cost is 5.35%. As of March 2009, my total return has been 13.1% including dividends.

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ): I had waited for close to one year to initiate a starter position in this company. It was worth a wait, and as the saying goes, every company will come down at some point in time. Its price has again come down and I am tempted to add some more, even though it has reached by allocation level. My current dividend yield-on-cost is 3.4%. As of March 2009, my total return has been 6% including dividends.

Consolidated Edison (ED): My objective was to just get a utility stock in my portfolio, and hence this was a no brainer purchase. I bought it during the market boom when slow growers like utility stocks were out of favor. I had read a lot about utility stock being less volatile and slow grower, well this was a real example for me. My current dividend yield-on-cost is 6.9%. As of March 2009, my total return has been 12.9% including dividends. continue reading rest of the article….

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