Health Care Reforms – Only Requires Health Insurance Reforms

Health care reform is the topic of discussion and media is giving lot of air time to this issue. Many of us have seen spirited town halls meetings, heated debates on television channel, and business channels focusing on economic aspects. Medical professionals has its own views on how to reduce cost, pharmaceutical companies have their own agendas, insurance companies are not bogging down, rich don’t want to pay for poor and illegal immigrants, companies are looking for ways to reduce their cost, and finally, our government wants to pay but has no clue where will it pay from (printing dollars?).

All this makes me tend to believe nothing is going to come out of this debate. There are few things that really bug me (1) There is notion that similar to Walmart-ization of medicines to four dollars, if there is Health-mart, it will reduce cost; (2) There is a lot of focus on debates between business community and politicians, while healthcare professional including doctors are being left behind in this debate; and (3) This concept of medical tourism – where you can go to some other country like Mexico or India and get cheap medical procedures.

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