Managing Trading Process for Income Generation

photo.cmsThere are numerous ways to generate an income and make a decent living. I have observed that many folks consider it a panacea to discussing about investing and trading with little bit intelligence. Irrespective of whether there is substance behind it or not, it at least creates an impression of smartness and being intelligent. At personal level, I respect every style of investing and trading. But I remain skeptical in the context of applying to my own situation. I want to follow method or style what works for me. There are different styles, methods, and strategies for investing in stocks.

Readers of this blog are already accustomed to my approach of investing in stocks and remaining focused on dividends. The investment management process I use includes qualitative and qualitative analysis and asset allocation based risk management process. This works for me. And I keep tweaking and adapting if there is a need to make changes. Out there, there are many individuals who focus on trading (swing, positional, technical, momentum, etc.) and some other folks focus on opportunistic or speculative trades. Like every coin has two sides, I believe there are pros and cons of every method. It really boils down to how one chooses to look at depending upon your personal situation. Every individual has to figure out what works best for them. I always keep asking this question, what is wrong in trading if one can generate income with consistency using trading strategies. It doesn’t work for me, so what, it may work for some other smart guy!

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