SYSCO Corporation Stock Analysis – Priced to Buy

logoSysco Corporation (SYS), through its subsidiaries, markets and distributes a range of food and related products primarily for food service industry. It distributes frozen foods, non-food items, restaurant equipment and cleaning supplies. It serves restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes, schools and colleges, and hotels and motels.

SYS is a member of Broad Dividend Achievers and has been raising dividends for last 38 years. The most recent dividend increase was in December 2008. It remains to be seen if it will increase dividends later this year. I had reviewed this stock in February 2008 which at that time was a medium risk to dividend. My objective here is to analyze if SYY still continues to be a good dividend growth stock.

Trend Analysis
This section measures the trends for past 10 years of corporation’s revenue and profitability. The parameters should show consistent growth trends. The image below shows the trend chart.

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What is your preference – Aristocrats or Achievers?

In general, for any dividend growth investor, the list of dividend aristocrats is favorite hunting ground. This list includes companies from S&P500 index that have been raising dividends consecutively for last 25 years. These are mature companies that have time and again shown they can perform in all economic cycles. Their management’s have consistently shown that they care about common shareholders dividends and believe in increasing at least to little more than inflation.

  • I view dividend aristocrats as the grand old daddy’s of the dividend companies. As they age, it becomes harder to sustain with their dividend growth momentum. The likelihood of their ability to grow dividend will continue to diminish.
  • We need to put past dividend growth in the context of US economy. The growth for majority of the existing dividend aristocrats came along with the growth in US economy. As the US economy flattered for whatever reason, the sustainability of the dividends became harder.

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