Dividend Investing and Businesses with Moat

We all have read many times in investing literature about investing in companies that have wide moat. We all also know that this term was made famous by Warren Buffett. What is this wide moat? In simple terms, it is some type of competitive advantage in its business. Competitive advantage in business can come from many different types, viz., brand, high switching cost, patents/IP/rights, ease of scalability, low cost producers, etc.

There are many companies that have many years building moats around their businesses. This moat makes it difficult for competitors to encroach upon their market share. Suffice to say, business with moat have sustainable competitive advantage. In general, companies with moats in their business are very good dividend growth providers. However, the opposite may not be true. Following are few examples of companies with moat that are also dividend growers. continue reading rest of the article….

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