Dividend Portfolio: 2009 Year End Update

dividend-new-yearYear 2009 was the first time that I made my goals public. It has been a truly a roller coaster ride. The year started with equity markets going down steeply, and then it came back up quite significantly. Throughout the year I continued to add good quality dividend growth stocks in my portfolio. So how did my dividend portfolio perform with reference to my goals set at begin of 2009? The table below shows the summary of parameters at end of year 2009. The portfolio now has:

(1)  Dividend Cash flow is $2221 (2008: $1358, Target: $3000);

While I continued to increase year-over-year dividends, I missed my goal by large margin. The primary reason I missed my goal is desire to maintain asset allocation and valuations. Many of the stocks that I would like to buy have had significant run ups and hence the valuations did not justify buying them. In the beginning of 2009, when I had identified my goals, I had not anticipated this level of change in the market pricing. For year 2010, I have set my dividend cash flow goals at $3200. continue reading rest of the article….

Monthly Progress Update for May 2009

Summary for May 2009 is that my dividend portfolio is showing some signs of stability in value. The volatility seen in 1Q2009 is reduced. I initiated one new starter position. Attached below is the summary table to reflect the status as of May 31, 2009.

Portfolio Status Update

  • The total portfolio dividend cash flow was $1444 (up from $1380). This change was due new purchases.
  • The portfolio’s total yield on cost crawled up to 5.11% (up from 5.07%).

Dividend Tree Monthly Progress : May 2009

Dividend Tree Monthly Progress : May 2009

New Purchases

  • Purchased VZ with annualized dividends of $64.4 (4.0% of total portfolio dividends). The purchase yield was 6.35%.

Additions to Existing Positions

  • None


  • None

General Comments

  • I am continuing to be positive about many opportunities out there. I am being patience and will continue to hold my capital (if necessary).
  • Now that the second half of the year has started, I will be closely monitoring my ability to meet my year end goal or whether it needs revision. As of today, I am still positive that I will be able to meet my year end goal of $3000 in dividend income.

The next monthly progress update will be on July 1, 2009. In addition, I will also post an article on my quarterly risk analysis of my dividend portfolio.

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