MCD and MMM Dividends are Covered

The season for reporting second quarter earnings is warming up. I hope to see somewhat better picture of the state-of-economy and who is coming out with flying colors. I am following few selected ones based on my holdings and/or my potential opportunities.

McDonalds Corporation (MCD): The 2Q09 earning per share was $0.98 (vs. $0.87 in 1Q09).

  • The key highlight was reduced overall profits on y-o-y basis (vs. $1.04 in 1Q08) due to fluctuations of exchange rates.
  • Quarterly dividend of $0.50/share is well covered with earnings. The quarterly payout ratio is 51%.

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Opportunities for Technology Dividends

This article originally appeared on The DIV-Net, March 25, 2009.

Standard and Poor’s “S&P North American Technology Sector Index” (henceforth referred as Tech index) is widely used to benchmark the technology sector in North America. As of February 2008 the Tech index had a weightage of approximately 20% to 23% in overall S&P500 index.

The Tech index represents different sub sectors that include hardware (20 companies), internet (21 companies), multimedia networking (27 companies), semiconductors (43 companies), services (31 companies), and software (40 companies). This is a total to 182 companies in the Tech index. However, similar to any market capitalization based index, Tech index is also top heavy. The cumulative weightage for top 10 companies is approximately 64%, for top 20 companies it is approximately 79%, while top 30 companies it is approximately 86%. The table below shows top 30 companies including the annual per share dividends. There are 17 companies out of top 30 companies that pay quarterly dividends. continue reading rest of the article….

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