Dividends Keep Inching Upwards

Among quite a few dividend raises this quarter, following were few selected ones that I was have been reading about as potential dividend growth opportunities.

Verizon Communication (VZ): The 2Q09 earning per share was $0.52 (vs. $0. in 1Q09).

  • The key highlight was reduced earnings on y-o-y basis (vs. $0.66 in 1Q08).
  • There was y-o-y growth in operating revenue (11.3%) and free cash flow.
  • Quarterly dividend of $0.46/share is barely getting covered with earnings. This quarter’s payout ratio is at 88%.

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Monthly Progress Update for May 2009

Summary for May 2009 is that my dividend portfolio is showing some signs of stability in value. The volatility seen in 1Q2009 is reduced. I initiated one new starter position. Attached below is the summary table to reflect the status as of May 31, 2009.

Portfolio Status Update

  • The total portfolio dividend cash flow was $1444 (up from $1380). This change was due new purchases.
  • The portfolio’s total yield on cost crawled up to 5.11% (up from 5.07%).

Dividend Tree Monthly Progress : May 2009

Dividend Tree Monthly Progress : May 2009

New Purchases

  • Purchased VZ with annualized dividends of $64.4 (4.0% of total portfolio dividends). The purchase yield was 6.35%.

Additions to Existing Positions

  • None


  • None

General Comments

  • I am continuing to be positive about many opportunities out there. I am being patience and will continue to hold my capital (if necessary).
  • Now that the second half of the year has started, I will be closely monitoring my ability to meet my year end goal or whether it needs revision. As of today, I am still positive that I will be able to meet my year end goal of $3000 in dividend income.

The next monthly progress update will be on July 1, 2009. In addition, I will also post an article on my quarterly risk analysis of my dividend portfolio.

Opportunities for Technology Dividends

This article originally appeared on The DIV-Net, March 25, 2009.

Standard and Poor’s “S&P North American Technology Sector Index” (henceforth referred as Tech index) is widely used to benchmark the technology sector in North America. As of February 2008 the Tech index had a weightage of approximately 20% to 23% in overall S&P500 index.

The Tech index represents different sub sectors that include hardware (20 companies), internet (21 companies), multimedia networking (27 companies), semiconductors (43 companies), services (31 companies), and software (40 companies). This is a total to 182 companies in the Tech index. However, similar to any market capitalization based index, Tech index is also top heavy. The cumulative weightage for top 10 companies is approximately 64%, for top 20 companies it is approximately 79%, while top 30 companies it is approximately 86%. The table below shows top 30 companies including the annual per share dividends. There are 17 companies out of top 30 companies that pay quarterly dividends. continue reading rest of the article….

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