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Being an avid proponent of dividend-based investing, whenever I read any financial or general economics book, I am continuously attempting to put the subject matter in the context of dividend-based investing. I am trying to figure out if it should have any influence in my investment process. Recently, I read the book titled “When Markets Collide – Investment Strategies for the Age of Global Economic Change” written by Mohammed El-Erian.

Therefore, in next few posts, I will be:

(1) Summarizing the main themes of the book;

(2) Present my interpretation from dividend-investing perspective; and

(3) Discuss whether it has any influence on my investing process (if any).

So stay tuned!

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  1. tom dicks says:

    i found a gem of a book at a used bookstore intitled the future for investors by prof siegel
    chapter 10 will convince most inveators of the value of inesting in good dividend stocks especially when markets go down

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